Short version is we're big music fans, and we love tees. So the logical dry-humping of those two passions led us down this golden road.

Longer version goes something like this: I saw my first Dead show in 1988 at MSG (Thanks Dex). From there, our teenage lives quickly centered around Jerry, Bobby, Phil, Mickey, Billy, and Brent. We saw as many shows as we could afford, and our parents would let us—even some they wouldn't.

Monday nights were reserved for taping the Grateful Dead Hour, and the rest of the time we were trading cassettes and dreaming about being reincarnated as a speaker in the "Wall of Sound."

There have always been lots of other bands, and so many roads, but I was apparently born in New Haven with a Haight Ashbury heart. Tourbus is part of a life-long crusade to blend my passion for the Dead, for words, for design, and for quality apparel.

I run Tourbus with the help of my childhood soul sister Franny, the occasional support of our children, a rockstar team of illustrators, screen printers, local makers, and so many talented humans, including our heroic friends at the USPS.

We have endless gratitude for your support!

Here we are in Las Vegas circa 1993, for a sweaty summer show.